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Pulse Health Advisory is committed to being your dedicated partner in enhancing and empowering your organisation by optimising occupational health strategies to improve overall performance outcomes.

Our methodology is tailored to your organisation, utilizing an evidence-based and analytical framework. This ensures that your organisation’s unique requirements are not only acknowledged but effectively addressed, aligning our strategies with the distinctive characteristics and challenges that your organisation faces.

Our consultants bring extensive experience in highly complex operational environments, having worked in resources and field operations. Additionally, they have provided guidance to board directorships as independent advisors on organizational health trends. Our consultants hold qualifications in Engineering, Workplace Health and Safety, and Allied Health & Rehabilitation.

Example Client Cases

Example Client Cases

During major road marking projects, line marking teams encountered challenges such as headaches, cognitive impacts, fatigue management complications, and decreased morale, leading to a decline in productivity. Pulse Health Advisory was brought in to evaluate occupational impacts potentially affecting team effectiveness.

The analysis of work processes and environmental occupational impacts led to the provision of guidance to operational team leaders on managing environmental impacts, with a specific focus on fatigue management and hydration strategies.

A month after the intervention, team leads assessed a 10.3% increase in line marking efficiency, improved employee energy and morale, and a reduction in headaches and fatigue.

As a component of their Workplace Health & Safety Review, the executive team enlisted the expertise of Pulse Health Advisory to assess their strategy for preventing occupational injuries and promoting ergonomics among office employees experiencing long-term work-related pain.

The analysis delved into the ergonomic design of the workplace concerning physical human factors, incorporated musculoskeletal corrective movement management, and provided education on occupational setups. This comprehensive approach resulted in notable enhancements in pain management, a decrease in employee discomfort, and improvements in overall employee well-being and satisfaction.

Pulse Health Advisory was enlisted by a non-executive board member from a manufacturing company as an external advisor to evaluate the rise in WorkCover claims and employee absenteeism.

Seeking an impartial assessment and advice, the director engaged Pule for an informed decision as part of director due diligence. Comprehensive data analysis and attendance at executive meetings were conducted, and advice was provided based on the observable information to support the non-executive director’s decision-making process.

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